About us

ROSSA manufactures aluminium screw closures and also complex caps from metal and polymer for various beverages such as wine, spirit, liquors. In design we can realize foil stamping, embossing, shaving, offset lithography printing.


Our aim is to be the first, diligently to be in accordance with our general policy.
Accept the challenges, make outstanding decisions, become stronger.



Our products are manufactured using new high-tech equipment. The production is equipped with the best European lines being at the peak of the technological progress in the industry. The manufacturing facilities are constantly updated thanks to permanent investments in new equipment and new technologies.


countries all over
the world – the geography
of our clients

Rossa’s offers are equal to the best European samples.


millions of closures
are manufactured
a year

In 1997 the company became one of the first manufacturers of aluminium closures in Eastern Europe.



For production we purchase necessary raw materials, such as aluminum sheet, paints, varnishes, polymers, in Western Europe and it has the highest quality.

Our team

Employees of the company "ROSSA" are highly qualified and experienced specialists. Regular professional skills development provides new knowledge and skills, and high work capacity and responsibility is maintained through friendly relations in the team.



Precisely organized logistics allows our partners
all over the world to rely on timely delivery.
We take care of our products during delivery.


Our history

"ROSSA" is the manufacturer of aluminum screw and complex caps from metal and polymer. The history of the company is over two decades and it demonstrates the quality of our products.


The company ROSSA was founded. Our aim is to be the first, diligently to be in accordance with our general policy.

1997 – 1998

Production of long skirt caps РР 28х38 and aluminium cap 28х18 with shaving.

1999 – 2002

For the first time in CIS new types of caps such as РР 30х35, РР 30х44, РР 31,5х44 and nonstandard caps RS 31,5х42, РР 28х50 were produced and maximum protection was implemented.


For the first time side printing with 6 colors appeared in Ukraine. And for the first time the production of aluminium caps РР 30х60 и РР 31,5х60 was organized in CIS.


For the first time in CIS the production of plastic pourers was implemented.


New factory is created
using modern technological
lines in accordance
with international


The complex cap (combination of aluminum and plastic) was put into production.


New feature in caps decoration is foil stamping.


The production of new types of the multicomponent aluminium cap.


The production of the t-shaped synthetic cork. New decoration features are embossing, debossing, relief stamping.